Zero Latency: VR Arcade opens in Munich in March with new VR experience “Sol Raiders”

Zero Latency’s VR arcades have expanded worldwide. At a total of 25 venues, the entertainment facilities can be found with a selection of different co-op VR experiences. From March, another arcade opens its doors in Munich and brings the high-end VR experience now also to Germany. Also on offer is the new PvP shooter Sol Raiders.

Zero Latency – VR Arcade opens in Munich in March

Zero Latency’s arcades celebrate global success and now offer a total of five different multiplayer VR experiences for up to eight players. The offer includes the co-op shooters Zombie Survival, Singularity, Outbreak Origins and the puzzle game Engineerium.

Thanks to a backpack PC system, players are guaranteed total freedom of movement without disturbing cables on a playing surface of approx. 160 square meters. Now the VR-Arcades make the leap to Germany and offer in Munich the first official branch in the Neufahrner business park. As of March 1st, the Zero Latency Arcade opens the door to visitors to provide the high-end offering for visitors. A game session lasts 30 minutes and beats with 39 euros to book.

A rather expensive pleasure, which is not very different from the world prices. The international guests have not been deterred by this until now, as the number of visitors has been steadily rising for the past three years. According to the operators alone, in the last year a total of 300,000 players visited the worldwide VR facilities.

Also we have already tried the VR-Arcades. What awaits you in this, you will learn here.

Zero Latency – New VR shooter “Sol Raiders” on offer

In addition to the already published co-op experiences, the new PvP multiplayer shooter Sol Raiders is also ready for launch in Germany. In it, the players compete against each other in four-on-four constellations to prove their tactical skills and their skills on the laser rifle.

The Road to VR journalists were able to test the upcoming VR experience in advance and report on the experience. The goal of the game is to destroy a spherical object in the middle of the map next to the other factions’ fighters in order to win the round. A total of three different maps with branched passages and walls are available. The equipment includes a rucksack system with VR glasses and a plastic rifle as a controller.

Zero-latency sol-Raiders-VR Arcade

When a player is switched off, he has to run back to the starting point of the map to respawn, similar to a game of Lasertag. For this he is promoted to a parallel dimension, the Rift. During this period, he can not participate in the game, but all players in astral form through the walls for him visible. After returning to the game this effect ends. This is to avoid collisions with other players in the real world.

Furthermore, the risk of injury is reduced by making the in-game avatars and environmental details larger than their physical counterparts. This simulates platforms and floors that are not present in the real world and the entire space looks more impressive. According to the tester, the system should be extremely effective and create an immersive feeling.

Zero-latency sol-Raiders-VR Arcade

Even in the long term, the game concept should convince and even find its way into the eSports scene. For example, CEO Tim Ruse is already planning implementation options if the shooter receives enough attention.

Sol Raiders joins Zero Latency’s worldwide arcades on February 9th.

Zero Latency: VR Arcade opens in Munich in March with new VR experience “Sol Raiders”

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