Akira Yamaoka spoke in honor of the 20th anniversary of Silent Hill.

It does not often happen that someone tries to mix gaming themes and a concert in one bottle. Usually these two performances go their separate ways – here’s a game world for you, where a maximum of a couple of musicians play on stage some of the Blizzard soundtracks (although the performance of “The Mill” is already something close), but a full-fledged concert with light music, smoke and acoustics, designed for a full room. The organizers of MGF tried to combine all this into one event and they did it … quite ambiguous. But we will try to figure out whether this event has the right to life.

At first glance, the festival had all the inherent gaming events features: eSports tournaments in CS: GO, MK X, PUBG, a full-fledged VR horror tournament in Arizona Sunshine and other elements of the gaming industry. Speaking of a tournament, this is rarely possible to meet, because the VR platform is not yet very optimized for eSports. There are many “blockers” of using VR in the mass segment, which we constantly talk about at VRcue, and there is nothing to say about eSports in this segment today. Occasionally, such events still occur in the case of the Arizona Sunshine, oddly enough, it turned out.

Arizona Sunshine itself is a post-apocalyptic shooter with the shooting of numerous zombies, which supports both single and cooperative game mode. More than 20 types of weapons, the ability to set traps, a full story, along with a good visual, were able to make AS one of the leaders in the tops of games for VR. No wonder that it was for her, it was decided to hold a tournament.

And besides VR?

Otherwise, everything is about the same as in most gamers’ events: playing on the desktop, streaming from bloggers, cosplay, small stalls selling paraphernalia, and other activities – so the first half of the day passed. But the second one was a full-fledged concert with a performance on the main stage, a dance floor and everything that can usually be found in places where different bands perform, including the same bar. Among the artists were We Butter the Bread with Butter as part of the Paul & One duet with an exclusive DJ set, as well as the rapidly gaining popularity of the youth group Wildways and RAINDIGO.

Well, the main highlight of the event was, of course, Akira Yamaoka – composer of the soundtracks of the legendary Silent Hill series, which this year celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Combining a concert with a themed gaming event turned out to be an interesting idea. Moreover, the cost of the ticket was just equal to a concert visit – from 1200 rubles for the entrance to the event / passage to the dance floor. If you could not get to MGF, it is not scary – VK was the official live broadcast, which is still available in the recording. Arbat Hall for such an event could become an excellent event. This venue is suitable for a musical event, as well as for a convention or festival.

Particularly pleased that the course on eSports in VR is taken and gradually begins to leak into the masses. Taking into account the new solutions that most companies are going to release this year, we will see more similar events in the near future.

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