Zenith is the upcoming VR MMORPG game from the developers of Conjure Strike, which has excellent aesthetics, is made in the style of anime and provides the player with a full-fledged action-oriented battle. An interesting fact is that the project was inspired by Beat Saber.

The Kickstarter developer campaign still has about two weeks to raise funds, but it has already earned more than $ 200,000, reaching more than 800% of its initial goal of $ 25,000. The campaign has received support from more than 2,300 sponsors. This is a really good result!

To have an idea about the game, take a look at its trailer presented on Kickstarter:

The initial goal of $ 25,000 seemed extremely low. Honestly, it was hard to believe that an MMO project, even remotely similar to the one that the developers promised to present, would be possible with such a budget. But exceed this amount by 10 times? Now the project has really attracted attention.

Since Zenith reached the initial amount in just four hours, she also completed six of her seven planned goals, including: familiars in the game, suppliers of goods to sell rare items to players, customizing the player’s housing, transmogs for visual customization, and a new game race. The only goal of the campaign, remaining at around $ 250,000, is the level editor.

Zenith is ambitiously targeting not only PC VR headsets such as Rift, Vive and Index, but also PSVR and Oculus Quest, and it can also be run on platforms without VR. In addition, the developer plans a fully compatible cross-game between all devices and PCs at once, similar to OrbusVR, VRChat and Rec Room.

No matter how exciting and epic Zenith looks, it is important to understand that this is Kickstarter, which in turn means the possibility that the game will not work at all. This is because the developer is relatively untested since Conjure Strike never released a game of this magnitude. And the team that is working on the game is not so big.

The current release date is set for August 2020.

VR MMO Zenith is on its way

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