At the weekend, the third season of the VR League is officially launched in cooperation with Oculus and ESL, to compete for the participating teams in the four VR titles Onward, Echo Combat, Echo Arena and Space Junkies for a prize pool in the amount of $ 250,000 to let.

VR League – Third season opened on March 24th

At the weekend, the official starting signal for the third season of the VR League has fallen. Over the next six weeks, ambitious athletes compete in four different VR titles in weekly cups to earn points for the closed qualifier in May. The teams with the most points will then have access to the closed qualification tournament and will be able to compete for a place in the Grand Final on 8 and 9 June at the Haymarket Theater in Leicester.

Only the best contenders in the games Onward, Echo Combat, Echo Arena and Space Junkies can then receive a prize money in the respective games.

In the tactical VR shooter onward, players can compete in five-on-five teams to earn $ 63,000 in prize money. As a new title Echo Combat is represented by the teams expect a total of 46,800 US dollars. Echo Arena is designed for teams of three and has been part of the VR tournament for two seasons. Players can compete for $ 38,700 here. Also new to the line-up is Ubisoft’s Space Junkies, which sends players in two-on-two competitions for a chance at $ 25,400.

Image courtesy: ESL

From the 24th of March to the 28th of April the first and second weekly tournament stages will take place. On May 5th, a Last Chance Qualifier follows. As a result, the two Closed Online Closed Qualifiers will be held from May 18 to May 19 and May 25 to May 26. The big offline finale awaits us from the 8th to the 9th of June.

The games will be officially broadcast on YouTube and Twitch. We wish all participants good luck!

VR League: Third season started with $ 250,000 prize pool

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