The GDC 2019 is currently in full swing, bringing with it a wealth of news for the VR industry. For example, Oculus announced the successful title Beat Saber as the starting title for the upcoming Oculus Quest, and HTC also posted encouraging news for owners of Windows VR glasses. According to the Viveport still within this year provide support for the VR glasses.

GDC 2019 – Viveport opens platform for Windows VR glasses

Rikard Steiber, Viveport President and SVP of the VR department of HTC, announced at the current GDC 2019, the opening of the Viveport for Windows VR glasses. Accordingly, the digital distribution platform should reveal support for the VR devices later this year.

Image courtesy: HTC Vive

With this, HTC is taking another step to increase the attractiveness of the VR platform to attract additional customers. Just recently, executives announced the launch of the new Netflix-style subscription model Viveport Infinity, which will provide nearly unlimited access to over 600 VR content for subscribers as of April 2. The Infinity subscription should cost 14.99 euros per month or 114 euros per year.

The Viveport recently opened its virtual gates for the Oculus Rift in September 2018 to provide compatible VR titles for the Oculus eyewear.

An exact date as well as further details for the implementation of the support of the Windows VR glasses are not yet known.

Viveport: Support for Windows VR glasses announced

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