After Valve teased his new VR glasses for May, an official page for the new Valve Index went live for a short time yesterday. Although an April Fool’s joke could be dated on the date, it was probably an unintentional leak (or well planned marketing). On the Steam page the release date of the new index glasses was released, according to the hardware with its own controllers and tracking stations on 15 June officially appear on the market. The controllers are the long-awaited Knuckles controllers, which will be sold under the name Valve Index Controller in the future. The pre-orders should begin on May 1st. An official speaker confirms the information.

Valve Index – Release June 15; Pre-orders from 1 May

From 15 June, end consumers should be allowed to hold a Valve Index in their hands. This promised yesterday briefly an official site on Steam. Thus, a total of three separate pages for the VR glasses themselves, the associated controllers and the tracking stations were switched live. Although these still contained various placeholders and correspondingly little information, but the release date seems to be certain. The pages are now offline again and now link to the start page of Steam.

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Now, of course, because of the auspicious date, one could speak of an April Fool’s joke. But an official Valve spokesman confirms the information to Road to VR. So it says in a statement:

“Even if [die Informationen] are not complete, they are still true. “

He also announces a date for the full disclosure and, therefore, all information on the new Valve Index. Already on the 1st of May we expect the exact specifications and features of the VR hardware. At the same time, the pre-orders should begin. The launch is scheduled to begin in June, probably on June 15. He also reveals that the Knuckles controllers serve as input devices for the new VR glasses and are renamed Valve Index Controller.

Valve Index Headset

Ships June 15, 2019

Valve Index Base Station

– Wario64 (@ Wario64) April 1, 2019

Confirmed is that definitely tracking stations for the new VR terminal are needed. It also supports USB 3.0, built-in headphones and requires at least one GTX 970 GPU, with a GTX 1070 or higher recommended. Whether, as assumed, inside-out tracking is integrated, remains to be seen, but appears to be unlikely according to the latest information.

Valve Index: June 15 release with Knuckles controllers; Pre-orders from 1 May

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