Valve separates from a total of 13 employees, including full-time employees from the hardware team. This announces the same source on Reddit, which already reported in late 2018 a leak regarding a VR glasses prototype with possible half-life VR title. The layoffs have been officially endorsed, but this should have no impact on the company’s long-term VR plans.

Valve – 13 employees dismissed without affecting the company’s plans

Staff restructuring is currently taking place at Valve. A total of 13 employees, including members of the hardware team, have to develop under a new employer in the future. Among them are Nat Brown, Rod Rydberg and other team members, as stated in the company’s official employee list.

The responsible spokespersons of Valve made a clarification to The Verge and Upload VR:

“Last month, 13 full-time employees were dismissed and part of our contractor contracts terminated. It is an unfortunate part of the business, but it does not represent any significant changes in the business. We thank those affected for their contribution and wish them all the best for the future. “

At the same time, the rumor mill seethes on the social media channels and there is speculation about possible cancellation and deletion of VR projects. Thus, both the promised three major VR titles, as well as future VR glasses and hardware projects could be set. But via Twitter Gabe Newell gives the all-clear on the call of many curious people. So Valve will continue to work on VR projects in the future and remain an integral part of the VR industry:


– Jonah Saunders (@ J0nahSaunders) March 8, 2019

And also on the promised three big VR titles the employee restructuring should take no influence:


– phantom unboxing (@phantomunboxing) March 8, 2019

Similarly, in a job contest new software developers for VR and hardware are sought, which should probably fill the gap.

At the moment one can only speculate about the reasons of separation. What do you think, why Valve has separated from his staff? Are the layoffs related to the internal leaks that went public, or are there other reasons to end the collaboration?

Valve: 13 employees dismissed including VR devs; VR plans unaffected

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