(UPDATED) The Soulkeeper VR will add open world campaign in its next update

The VRRPG of HELM System will try to provide innovative and revolutionary mechanics in the genre.

HELM Systems has re-opened the registration for the beta of The SoulKeeper VR until this Wednesday night. It can participate users with Rift, Live and Windows MR. All those interested can register in this link.

The SoulKeeper VR of HELM Systems will receive next year an “important” update that will add one of its long-term goals: to equip the RPG with an open-world campaign. Taking on the role of warrior Edwyn, member of the Nameless Order, we will have to protect the defenseless through a variety of environments such as cities, castles, dungeons and forests that host different adventures. In addition to melee combat with AI and receptive physics, there will also be long-range weapons such as bows and crossbows, but not everything will eliminate enemies, since we will have to solve puzzles and interact with NPCs and the world around us.

The update, which is scheduled for sometime next year, will continue to maintain the game in early access, although it will be under the name of Early Access version 2. All the mechanics of this second version have been created from scratch, which, in words of the company, makes it a new game, something that stands out that often happens with titles in early access.

The SoulKeeper VR Early Access 2 will arrive in 2019 with support for Rift, Live and Windows MR. The game is currently priced at € 19.99 on Steam.

(UPDATED) The Soulkeeper VR will add open world campaign in its next update

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