[Update]: Ghost Giant: PSR PSVR title to be released in spring 2019


Sony released new information about the Ghost Giant PSVR adventure. The VR title was first introduced at the E3 2018, now there is a release period. According to this, the emotional VR adventure will be released exclusively for PlayStation VR (PSVR) in spring 2019 thanks to Publisher Perp Games.

In the countdown stream for E3, Sony released after Tetris Effect the next VR title Ghost Giant by developer Studio Zoink Games for PlayStation VR (PSVR). The VR adventure tells an emotional story about friendship and cohesion and packs them in an emotional gameplay with puzzle elements and the attempt to create a real connection between protagonist and player.

Ghost Giant – Emotional VR adventure for PlayStation VR (PSVR)

In Ghost Giant, the player takes on the role of a giant spirit standing by the lonely son of a farmer’s family called Louis. The little main character of the game lives together with his mother on a secluded farm and wants nothing more than a friend.

Here you come as if to enrich the life of the little farmer boy, because his everyday life brings with it some challenges that now have to be solved together. So you remove cumbersome obstacles or have to rotate buildings to unlock the actions contained therein.

But such grievances are not just physical, even the emotional problems of the needy protagonist can prevent the progression. It only helps to interact with your cute companion, to help him with words and deeds as a friend and to help out.

Zoink Games has already proven its talent for telling soulful stories with the action-adventure Fe (2017). Now the developer studio is trying to use VR technology to take storytelling in video games to a new level. The developers are fascinated by the possibilities of establishing a relationship with the protagonists and thereby creating an emotional connection that is only possible with the least amount of media. Together, they’re trying these options together with the author Sara Bergmark in their new VR adventure to the limit.

Ghost Giant is expected to be released on PlayStation VR (PSVR). Further information on a release date is currently not available.

[Update]: Ghost Giant: PSR PSVR title to be released in spring 2019

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