With Tower Tag we are offering a special experience in the Speicherstadt in Hamburg for groups who want to experience something new. Only those who are able to act well in a team, tactical and also have enough stamina, can assert themselves within the exciting VR multiplayer shooter. The last few weeks in our own arcade have shown us that Tower Day is the perfect match for team events, bachelor parties or simply an amusing day with friends.

Practically, a physical fitness aspect comes into play, because during the fun laps you burn without realizing it, quickly some calories. So if it’s mainly about training, be it physically or for the improvement of your own playing skills, you should visit us soon on the new workout Wednesday in the Hamburger Speicherstadt.

Tower Day Workout Wednesday in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt

During the workout Wednesday or workout Wednesday, the participants will alternate after each match. If you are not on your turn, you can recharge your batteries in the waiting time, listen to the music while watching the happenings on the screen. If there are not enough players, the bots jump in to fill a team automatically.

Each participant pays eight Euros and can participate in the common workout from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We guarantee at least four rounds, with usually much more games.

With a high utilization you may have to wait with waiting times. Viewers are welcome anytime and are welcome to attend the session for free and cheer on the teams.

Tickets are available here as well as at the box office at the address: Sandtorkai 27 in 20457 Hamburg.

We look forward to your numerous show for the workout Wednesday!

Here you can find us on Facebook.

Tower Tag is currently nominated for the German Computer Game Prize in two categories and has already received the nextReality Award.

Tower Day Workout Wednesday in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt

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