Top 10 VR RPG for Rift, Vive, PSVR and Windows VR. Part 2

VGeek continues to immerse its readers in amazing fantasy worlds that surprise with their diversity and adventures. This time we will tell you more about 5 projects in the MMORPG genre, which, absolutely certainly, will not leave you indifferent.


With a huge overhaul of the game, scheduled for April of this year. OrbusVR is a game that is becoming more and more beautiful, so we recommend you dive into its wonderful world, if you have not already done so.

Vanishing Realms: Rites of Steel

This is really the original VR RPG, which provides tracking on the area. It came out at the same time in early access, when HTC Vive first launched almost three years ago and is still one of the best projects. Since it is in early access, the project still continues to be improved and developed.

Vanishing Realms is the most traditional D & D-style game on this list, which is dedicated to exploring dungeons, fighting enemies and solving some simple puzzles and traps. This world is replete with potential and still makes a lasting impression that makes players return to it again and again.

Vengeful rites

This is another project that has a lot of work to do. Instead of focusing on detailed visual effects or other small things that lose shine after a while. Gamers have to fight with amazing enemies, and the magic system is intuitive and interesting to use.

It is not massive, like Skyrim or something else, but it is made according to all the canons of fantasy. Of course, this project is worth considering to all fans of fantasy.

VR Dungeon Knight

Like the Karnage Chronicles, the biggest highlight of the VR Dungeon Knight is the co-op multiplayer. It is distinguished from a solo by a randomly generated dungeon system, so your walkthrough will never be identical. The game itself is not perfect, but it works quite well enough, and the cartoon style well complements the overall atmosphere.

The witching tower

The best point of comparison for The Witching Tower would be a fairy tale magician, but with a more Gothic plot. The combat system is pretty good, the game also has some funny puzzles that the player needs to solve. In general, although it is not so much content or features, how many other projects on this list offer, but this is a solid adventure that can fill up your personal VR RPG list!

VRcue will continue to keep you informed.

Top 10 VR RPG for Rift, Vive, PSVR and Windows VR. Part 2

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