The top 10 VR 360 degree videos of all time!

The development of digital technology has led to the emergence of a new type of shooting – in 360-degree video format (you can also watch in helmets and VR glasses). High-resolution surround frames allow you to experience the effect of deep diving. We offer you the 10 most impressive videos with the effect of “real presence” of the viewer at the shooting location.

Moon Eclipse and Northern Lights in Alaska VR, 360, 8K

Several amazing and extremely rare natural phenomena are captured simultaneously – the lunar eclipse and the northern lights. They were filmed from one point, in a snowy forest near a small town in Alaska. The ultra-high resolution of 8K and the 360 ​​degree view allows you to experience the effect of total immersion.

Wingsuu Rodeo 360VR

A group of fans of extreme sports in special winged costumes conquers heavenly heights, taking it off with a GoPro camera in 360VR. A short video begins on the plane and ends with the successful deployment of parachutes. At a certain moment, the girl literally “straddled” her comrade in the air, showing a kind of “rodeo” high above the ground.

Mosul bird’s eye view in good quality 360 VR – battle with ISIS *

Amazing and exciting 360-degree VR air battle shots taken as documentary shots by one of the British BBC journalists. A combat helicopter hovers over the city of Mosul captured by terrorists and conducts shelling of their positions from the air. The camera flies smoothly above the ground and allows you to view the battlefield from any angle.

360 degree VR volcanic eruption in Kamchatka

From a helicopter of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is filming a terrible natural phenomenon. In Kamchatka, a volcanic eruption occurs, a brave team of scientists with a crew of rescuers went for dizzying shots to show them to the whole world. The camera slowly circles around it at high altitude, allowing you to enjoy the 360-degree video experience with VR helmets.

Gobi Desert Fossil Hunters – 360 VR

Informative video about amazing historical finds in the Mongolian Gobi desert. The video begins with a brief description of the archaeological activity, then the viewer is transferred to the museum, where the author of the video shows exhibits that can be viewed at 360 degrees VR while the scientist talks about each of them.

Ivory burning in Kenya in VR 360

This video captures the fights of the Kenyan government’s struggle with the illegal ivory trade. A few minutes of the movie, shot without comment from several angles, demonstrate the burning of confiscated material worth $ 100 million. A vivid example of how a 360 degree video format can be used in the news.

Astronaut Adventures over Earth Orbit – VR, 360 degrees

The amazing video of 2017 demonstrated the working day of two Russian astronauts. They literally “walked” through the cosmic expanses. The video shows how astronauts launch three small satellites into low earth orbit. Thanks to the continuous shooting of 360 degrees, you can feel how fast the ISS is moving.

European refugee crisis 360 degrees, VR

Another sentimental report from the Air Force. These shots are straight from the Greek island of Lesbos. They demonstrate what the once quiet and cozy beach has become after placing camps with refugees on it. An English journalist takes pictures of 360 degrees in the tents of migrants and comments on what is happening.

360 degree total solar eclipse, VR

A few minutes of a unique astronomical phenomenon, filmed straight on the Indonesian beach. This video will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the situation during a total solar eclipse and see the onset of total darkness during daylight. Thanks to the 360 ​​° mode, you can literally “turn your head” during the phenomenon.

World record “levitation” in the air 360 degrees, VR

The company with the symbolic name Gravity has created a device that allows a person to literally float above the ground. The head of the company, Richard Browning, nicknamed “Iron Man”, freely flies over the ground for several minutes, using a unique “backpack” in which 6 miniature jet engines are installed. Every detail can be seen, thanks to the 360 ​​VR format.

So, before us were some of the best 360 VR videos taken in the history of mankind. If you have favorite videos in this format – be sure to share them in the comments!

The top 10 VR 360 degree videos of all time!

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