On a blog this week, the Oculus Facebook division announced that the library of the Oculus Quest store will reach 100+ games by the end of the year.

Oculus Quest is the newly released standalone VR headset for $ 399 all-in-one. This means that the helmet does not require or use a computer. Think of it as the first wireless VR console.

Quest uses a mobile processor and launches the Android plug, not Windows. This means that the VR games that you may have heard about for the Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive will not work on it unless the developer transfers them. Since mobile processors are much less powerful than a gaming PC, 3D asset and code optimization can take months to complete.

Quest was launched on May 21 with about 50 games including Beat Saber, Moss, Vader Immortal, Rec Room and Robo Recall. Most of the future 50 games have not yet been disclosed. We know that the popular witch game The Wizards is already out and available for the platform. The upcoming game Population One will delight players later this year. Shooter Pavlov should also go to Quest. Several studios, including those working closely with Facebook, hinted at research work with the system. With E3 taking place next week, this may be the first time we hear about major upcoming Quest games after its release.

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The library of content Oculus Quest will reach 100+ games in 2019

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