Geek Picnic – the largest festival dedicated to science and technology is held this year for the 9th time from July 6 to July 7 in St. Petersburg in Primorsky Victory Park and from July 13 to July 14 in Moscow on Sparrow Hills.

In 2019, the festival is dedicated to the theme of immortality – biological, digital and quantum. This time, the main themes of the sites will be biotechnology and medicine, futurology and space, artificial intelligence, neurobiology, online learning, gamification, ethics, ecology and urban planning.

In addition to the tracks dedicated to the IT community, the possibilities of eternal life, artificial intelligence, brain work and the reality of being in space, the International Committee of the Red Cross will take part in the festival: in the correct choice VR corner, the organization’s Ethics track will show to be at the center of hostilities and will provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at armed conflicts and better understand the people captured by the war. For several years, the International Committee of the Red Cross collaborated with the creators of video games, developing plots that raise difficult ethical issues of war.

In addition, as part of the GameDev track, the International Committee of the Red Cross will hold a lecture: “Video games as a means of humanizing the war”, which will include speakers from various fields of the gaming industry, including science and education:

  • Vyacheslav Utochkin – director of educational programs for the gaming industry at the Higher School of Economics National Research University Higher School of Economics: “What is work in the gaming industry and how to get there?”;
  • Yaroslav Kravtsov – Expload creative director, DevGAMM showcase coordinator: “The role of games in the future of humanity”;
  • Arseny Deriglazov – the narrative designer “Pathfinder: Kingmaker”: “Does the video game need a plot?”;
  • Olga Morozova is a specialist in cognitive psychology and psychology of video games: “The Call of the Dark Side: Everything You Need to Know About Game Toxicity”;
  • Leonid Moyzhes – employee of the Moscow Center for Video Game Research: “Romance games: problems and possibilities of creating love scenes in the RPG”;
  • Alexander Vetushinsky – philosopher, teacher of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, expert in the field of history and the theory of video games: “Video games and gamer’s imagination: about the central cultural shift in the history of video games”;
  • Mikhail Pimenov is a journalist for the Russian division of IGN, the author of the first book about the domestic gaming industry “OUR GAME”: “Our game-dev without cuts”;
  • Sergey Himmelreich is a game designer with a great experience, a co-founder of the ARPU.GURU agency: “Mechanics of space exploration in games”.

Recall that last year in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Geek Picnic was visited by over 100 thousand people, and this year the organizers plan to raise the bar even higher, expanding the festival to an international level. The recording should begin in the near future, and for all visitors of the track dedicated to the gaming industry, the promotional code “GAMEGP” is already valid, which will provide you with a 15% discount on the ticket.

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The International Committee of the Red Cross will show everyone that it is to be in the center …

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