Who wants a good old-fashioned pre-E3 teaser? The developer of the popular VR shooter Arizona Sunshine seems to be hinting at the announcement.

The studio has just posted a link to a new site. He does not tell us much; You can see a TV standing on the table showing interference. It also seems to be snowing, and rather creepy music is playing.

In addition, Oculus has confirmed that Vertigo Games will show a new game at E3 this year. Want to know when? Well, the countdown seems to fit very well with the opening of E3 on Monday, June 10 at 9 am PT, isn’t it?

Recall that the Arizona Sunshine is one of the largest VR games.

In addition, Vertigo Games reported that the team is currently working on a second DLC mission for the Arizona Sunshine called The Damned. The developer also recently launched a spin-off of Skyworld and published an excellent VR puzzle game called The Fisherman’s Tale.

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The creators of Arizona Sunshine will present a new game at E3

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