Talespin is working on a new VR project to train the interpersonal skills of executives and employees. Virtual Human Technology is designed to improve employees’ soft skills thanks to VR technology. In real-time conversations with AI-controlled, virtual people with real emotions and context-related reactions, unpleasant conversation situations are simulated in order to train communication, empowerment and empathy.

Talespin – Virtual Human Platform for training the interpersonal skills of executives

With the new Virtual Human Platform, Talespin is working on the development of a new VR software for employee training. The VR experience makes it possible to practice difficult conversational situations such as negotiation, sales or employee appraisals in secure virtual environments. Accordingly, complex situations are simulated with customers or employees in order to practice interpersonal skills under authentic conditions.

In the long term, the VR experience is to replace expensive coaching by experts in order to save costs for companies. Soft skills are becoming increasingly important in our day and age to guarantee a good workplace atmosphere or successful business deals. However, many employees in organizations at various levels have shortcomings in the necessary interpersonal skills.

The official Talespin website states in a statement:

“There is a growing gap between different generations in the workplace in terms of interpersonal, managerial, team-related and customer-related skills. Many experts in learning and development call soft skills one of the biggest skills gaps and challenges for employers. “

In addition, thanks to VR technology, there should be an advantage over presence, video and text-based training. KI-based simulation generates realistic and contextual emotions as well as reactions of the virtual people that require specific actions from the employees. On the other hand, current role-plays or workshops should not be able to create such a feeling of authenticity. The platform should also ensure accurate evaluations of soft skills and feedback.

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As areas of application, for example, human resource departments, sales or training of executives are recommended. For example, it is possible to simulate job interviews, sales, or provide critical feedback.

Talespin virtual-human-Platform VR training

Image courtesy: Talespin

The VR software offers three levels of varying complexity depending on the individual task, competence and experience. In the base level, the simulated characters have social intelligence and act like authentic avatars, in the intermediate level they have emotional intelligence and use emotions and facial expressions, while the advanced level involves virtual people with artificial intelligence and photorealistic human avatars.

Further information can be found on the official website of Talespin.

Talespin develops VR experience for soft skills training for companies

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