Ubisoft announced a series of updates to VR Space Shooter Space Junkies to enhance gameplay for various VR platforms. In addition, there is great news for PlayStation VR (PSVR) console players, as responsible devs announce support for Move Controller to replace control with DualShock 4 controllers.

Space Junkies – Move controller support for PlayStation VR (PSVR) and other updates announced

Within the VR shooter Space Junkies, players embark on gravitational space battles to compete against each other in various game modes. With different characters, weapons and equipment, players will battle on various cards.

Ubisoft recently announced a series of updates designed to improve the game’s gameplay and add more gameplay. These include some cross-platform bug fixes and balancing adjustments that will be released as a patch this week.

This will be followed in mid-April by a content update that will integrate additional content into the game. More detailed information is not yet known. However, the responsible devs promise some features that promise extra content. This will announce new game modes, new maps, more characters and more.

However, especially for PlayStation VR (PSVR), an important innovation awaits the players. Developers announce support for the PS Move Controller to provide an alternative to the DualShock 4 controller. However, when this is published, is not yet determined.

In addition, the responsible persons enter the in-game currency within the statement. It explicitly emphasizes that there will be no microtransactions in the game. While loot boxes are part of the VR title, they can only be acquired by splitting up the player profile rather than real money. Duplicate items from the boxes are converted into in-game currency, which becomes exchangeable for other items.

Space Junkies is now available for PlayStation VR (PSVR) for $ 39.99 on the PlayStation Store and for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR glasses for the same price on Steam and the Oculus Store.

Space Junkies: Move Support for PlayStation VR (PSVR) and other updates announced

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