Sony’s PSVR headset is considered the most successful of the three main VR devices since 2016. We do not know for sure, but according to the latest data, 4.2 million headsets have been sold. This may be a lot for the nascent VR industry, but this is only a fraction of the nearly 100 million PS4 sold. Sony, as usual, strive only for the best performance.

Dominic Mallinson, senior vice president of R & D at Sony, said this at Collision 2019 last week. According to VentureBeat, Mallinson noted that Sony is “very pleased” with PSVR’s current position in the market.

“We are very pleased with these numbers and very pleased with the current state of affairs,” said Mallinson.

“But we know that we can do better. There are more than 96 million PlayStations on the market today. And each of these consoles can provide an excellent VR experience. Therefore, we would like to turn many, very many of these people into PSVR users. And we won’t stop at PS4. ”

With this last comment, Mallinson led his presentation to the description of the next generation of VR headsets. But he also talked about how to get more people to try the current PSVR. And one of the areas for improvement is non-gaming VR apps.

“We need more people to come and make the VR experience more compelling,” said Mallinson. – We are well versed in games. Therefore, I am not too worried about this. And we still invest in our own games of the first category. So we could see more educational, training and medical applications. ”

How likely, over at least a few more years on the market, will Sony be able to succeed in promoting PSVR sales?

VRcue will tell you about it in the future.

Sony “Very satisfied” with PSVR sales, but they know that “they can do better”

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