Tempting PSVR kits from Sony will get tasty discounts.

The PlayStation’s Days of Play seasonal event, which cuts hardware and software prices, returns next month. The proposal presents some of the new kits that the company launched yesterday. One of them contains recently released games, such as Trover Saves The Universe and Five Nights At Freddy’s VR. The price for them has dropped from $ 299.99 to $ 249.99. This kit also includes a PlayStation Camera. This is a very good suggestion. Trover Saves the Universe is a very decent game, as is Five Nights At Freddy’s VR.

A complete list of proposals is not yet known, although we would not be surprised to see among them Blood & Truth, Everybody’s Golf VR with a pair of Move controllers. If you are in Europe, there are several other options. A PSVR starter kit, which includes a camera and PSVR Worlds, is offered for € 199.99. Frankly, a much better option is the Mega Pack for € 229.99. An additional $ 30 adds Astro Bot, Skyrim, DOOM VFR and Wipeout to your library. Not bad!

You can, of course, pick up yourself and other equipment you personally need. The limited edition PS4 Pro will cost $ 349.99, and DualShock 4 controllers will cost $ 39.99.

The Days of Play event runs from June 7 to 17. This is better than E3! It’s good that Sony is not showing anything this year, and her hands are untied. VRcue is looking forward to more detailed information about the PSVR 2 PlayStation land and will immediately share it with readers.

Sony Launches VR Sale of Days of Play

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