Rec Room: Porting announced for Oculus Quest

The social VR experience Rec Room is already available for numerous VR platforms. And with success, because at the beginning of the year, the Devs in a summary on over one million registered VR glasses in 2018 look back. This range should continue to expand in the future, because in addition to PlayStation VR (PSVR) and PC glasses, we expect a future version of the upcoming Oculus Quest. This is what Cameron “gribbly” Brown, Creative Director of Rec Room, humorously announced in a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Rec Room – port for Oculus Quest half officially confirmed

In an AMA on Reddit, users were invited to ask their many questions about Rec Room and related topics. The responsible devs answered the questions, revealing interesting news regarding future portings of the social VR app. So when asked if Rec Room will appear for the new Oculus Quest, Cameron Brown responded as follows:

“We’re putting Rec Room on a bunch of new platforms. […] We want to expand our reach as much as possible. “Regarding the Oculus Connect 5 last year, he also referred to the developer studio’s logo on stage at the presentation of the Oculus Quest and continued,” Yes, let’s just go to Come on, we work … “, but instead of ending the sentence, the people in charge introduce a humorous picture from The Simpsons, which refers to” technical difficulties “(Minute 1:37 – 1:48):

Although he has not yet officially confirmed the release of the social VR experience for the Quest but refers very clearly to a possible release of the software. The developers encounter some difficulties because the port proves to be quite expensive for the small Dev team. Due to the lower performance compared to the PC version you have to make numerous changes in order to maintain an appealing result. This takes up a lot of the team’s resources, so updates for existing versions of the VR experience will be left behind for the time being.

The Oculus Quest will be released in spring 2019 for around 399 euros. The VR App Rec Room should definitely count as a reason for buying the upcoming VR glasses for many VR enthusiasts.

Rec Room: Porting announced for Oculus Quest

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