QuiVR Vanguard appears for Oculus Quest with Oculus Go multiplayer feature

The VR multiplayer title QuiVR Vanguard comes with cross-platform support for Oculus Quest. According to both owners of an Oculus Go as well as buyers of the upcoming Quest glasses together in co-op mode in virtual archery can compete.

QuiVR Vanguard – VR title appears for Oculus Quest with Oculus Go multiplayer support

QuiVR Vanguard by Entwicklerstudio Luminary Apps is the stripped-down mobile version of the original title for Oculus Go and soon Oculus Quest. The VR version for PC glasses is considered one of the most mature VR titles with bow-and-arrow gameplay and convinces since its release numerous VR players.

The arcade title Vanguard allows you, like his big brother with bow and arrow in the virtual battle to draw, and you face numerous stormy enemy waves. Gameplay and physics engine are based on the original.

Fortunately, you do not have to tackle alone, because thanks to the co-op feature and drop-in / drop-out multiplayer, you can defend your fort together with fellow players. In addition, cross-platform support allows you to join the Oculus-Go and Oculus-Quest owners in the future and prove your target art together.

As a reward for reaching higher levels, randomized items and an entry in the global leaderboard are welcome. This is reset weekly to generate a replay value. For more variety, you will encounter different environments and meet different types of enemies.

QuiVR Vanguard is currently available for 9.99 euros for Oculus Go in the Oculus Store and soon also Oculus Quest.

QuiVR Vanguard appears for Oculus Quest with Oculus Go multiplayer feature

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