Puma surprised users with its new model of sneakers, which have QR codes for calling augmented reality.

The new model was named LQDCELL Origin AR.

Sneakers can be scanned with a special application LQDCELL, which is already available for Android and Ios. After that, when you hover on shoes, they can become invisible, enveloped in flames, or even completely change the design. The most sophisticated are invited to disassemble the novelty literally “by the bones”.

The application also contains an AR-game, which consists in collecting the right things and rejecting the wrong ones. You can really play it without sneakers, and you can share your results and achievements on social networks.

The cost of LQDCELL Origin AR sneakers is $ 120. The application is currently not available for download, but it has already been announced by the company.

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Puma Introduced AR-Sneakers – VR geek

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