Pimax announces new and more robust business versions of its Pimax VR goggles. The new devices are designed to be significantly more resistant than the previous eyewear as RE models (Rugged Edition) of the models 5K, 5K + and 8K and are suitable for use in high-traffic environments, such as for VR training and in arcade halls.

Pimax 8K RE – Resilient business versions of the VR eyewear models Pimax 5K, 5K + and 8K announced

Pimax launches new, robust business versions of its VR glasses. The new RE models are adapted versions of the previous Pimax models 5K, 5K + and 8K. While the new variants in the technical specifications do not differ from the home user versions of the VR glasses, and thus offer no improvements in the field of view, the managers mainly optimize the outside life of the hardware.

Home consumer version of the Pimax 8K | Image courtesy: Pimax

For example, a new, durable case with harder plastic provides significantly more resistance when used in high-traffic environments. In addition, a new foam insert and a solid headband and thicker cables for more protection and stability. In addition, higher impact resistance, sturdier components, metallic buttons and a front bezel cover are expected to provide additional shielding for the hardware.

With the new, more robust features, the hardware for use in arcades as well as for VR trainings are to be secured in order to increase the lifespan of VR glasses in the long term.

When the new RE models of Pimax eyewear are published, has not yet been officially announced. A sales start is to begin in the next few months. Priced to the new business versions are in the range of about 500 €.

Incidentally, the production of the long-promised, in-house tracking stations started. The Lighthouse 2.0 compatible stations are to be delivered to Backer in the next few weeks.

Pimax RE: Resilient business versions of VR glasses announced

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