The GDC 2019 is currently taking place in the US, and Pico is also using the stage to introduce new VR glasses. The Pico Neo 2 follows Qualcomm’s VR845 reference design and accordingly, the wireless VR glasses can also receive data from a PC.

Pico Neo 2 presented with PC streaming

The Pico Neo 2 is expected to be launched in the second half of the year. The manufacturer does not yet quote a price, but Qualcomm’s development kit costs $ 1,600 and the Pico Neo 1 cost $ 749 to launch.

If the VR glasses are self-sufficient, they can access the Viveport M and use the content from HTC’s mobile store. If the glasses are wirelessly connected to a PC (60 GHz connection), the Viveport and its contents can be used with the Pico Neo 2. Support for SteamVR is not yet officially announced, but it is very likely that the glasses will be used with SteamVR.

Currently there are no pictures of the Pico Neo 2 and no further hardware details. We’ll keep you up to date.

Pico Neo 2 presented with PC streaming

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