Our time at gamescom 2019 is already over and we will inform you in the coming days about our impressions of the latest VR games. Paper Beast from Pixel Reef starts, because the game convinced us right away.

Paper Beast: PSVR highlight of gamescom 2019

Paper Beast is a game that invites you to explore a fantastic world inhabited by paper monsters. But not only the idea sounds exciting, the implementation is also successful. For example, you can interact with all living things and objects and lift them up in the air. And this point is more convincing in Paper Beast than in other VR games: we actually had the feeling that the objects had a different weight. The deception is created by a kind of virtual fishing rod, which bends significantly stronger in heavy objects and may even “break”. So you do not lift objects with your hands, but with a beam from your controller.

The movement in the game succeeds via teleportation, which is due to the lack of sticks in the PlayStation Move controllers. However, this did not hamper the fun of exploring. The many friendly and sometimes dangerous monsters create a living world through which one likes to move. Sometimes you need the help of the monsters, sometimes the monsters depend on you. As a result, it is not just exploration, but you quickly develop a relationship with the creatures. But you should not expect an open game world.

Paper Beast 3

How long the exploration of the planet can convince, we can only guess at the moment, because we could only test the first level of the game. However, if the quality is retained in the remaining sections, with Paper Beast could soon be a real hit for the PlayStation VR. At least we are very much looking forward to the final version.

Paper Beast will be released exclusively for PlayStation VR. A port is currently not in work, but this could change at some point.

Paper Beast: PSVR highlight of gamescom 2019

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