Cult developer Eric Chahi (known for the action platformer Another World) announces the new PSVR title Paper Beast with his newly founded development studio Pixel Reef. The title is due in 2019 and is inspired by important future topics, such as how Big Data creates a completely explorable immersive world in which the entire environment reacts adaptively to the player.

Paper Beast – New PSVR titles from “Another World” developer Eric Chahi

With Paper Beast, Eric Chahi carries the intellectual legacy of the classic Another World into modern times. With his newly founded development studio Pixel Reef he is now working on the implementation of the PSVR title. The VR title deals with the topic of big data, as the vast amounts of data stored deep in servers become independent and create their own ecosystem. For decades, lost code and algorithms have gathered in the depths of the Internet to create their own little bubble of artificial life.

The artificial ecosystem should be filled with a unique life. So the feeling should arise to explore within the VR a completely new and unknown country. The explorers urge should be in the foreground during the adventure, in order to produce a Pionierverhalten with the player. Through observation and interaction with the unique flora and fauna, the behavior of the new species is gradually revealed, creating a unique bond with the environment.

To make this possible, the developers rely on complex simulations of all the details of the world. From terrain simulation to animal movement, everything should be covered to create an immersive universe with countless possibilities. So the creatures should adapt their behavior precisely to the interactions of the players with the world, whereby each action generates a reaction. It should not be a gods simulation, but game elements of the genre within the PSVR game come into play. In addition, a pronounced immersion feeling is created by a combination of precise 3D objects, interaction and sound.

Paper Beast PlayStation VR PSVR Eric Chahi

In terms of story, emphasis is also placed on narrative elements. However, the story remains untapped at first, so the story elements will only decode as the game progresses. However, similar to Another World, no texts or dialog options are used. Instead, the virtual paper environment itself creates a story through interaction with the players. The paper symbolizes a bridge between the real and the digital world.

Eric Chahi describes in a statement the creative process to implement his upcoming VR title:

“A few years ago I played around with the physics of the Unity Engine and had some cool gameplay elements in mind. At the same time, ideas about the topic of Big Data got around in my head. I have always enjoyed exploring new concepts and creative areas. That was my motivation back in 1991 when I developed Another World for the Amiga. To remain independent and free and share my passion for exploring new experiences and technologies, I’ve founded my new Pixel Reef studio – a happy place for creative experimentation. “

Paper Beast is scheduled for release in 2019 for PlayStation VR (PSVR). Further information will follow in the future.

Paper Beast announced by “Another World” developer Eric Chahi for PlayStation VR (PSVR) …

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