Microsoft has just launched a new application for its Windows VR and HoloLens headsets.

The Outings program was released yesterday at the Microsoft Store. This is a new look at the Microsoft Garage mobile application with the same name, released in conjunction with the new software development kit (SDK). A quick look at it itself calls for comparison with Google Earth VR. The application visualizes specific locations as 3D assets and allows them to be explored. You can, apparently, soar around the world, as on Earth, although this time it is presented as a 3D table top. Maybe this is in order to calm the earthlings?

Tours are equipped with detailed information about the sights and areas of selected cities. These include New York, Seattle, Boston and Vancouver. However, we don’t know if the content library is as extensive as Google’s.
More importantly, the guided tours are designed to demonstrate what can be done with the new SDK Maps. This allows you to retrieve data collected from Bing cards directly into Unity applications. It would be perfect, say, to create a weather application with 3D visualization on HoloLens or perhaps to allow someone with a VR headset to explore the center of Seattle.

Unfortunately, since guided tours are held only at the Microsoft Store, you cannot see this with Rift or Vive. Other Microsoft applications, such as Halo: Recruit, have not yet appeared on platforms like SteamVR. If you have a headset, you can add a new application to the cart for free. This is definitely what we would try with HoloLens 2.

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Outings looks like Microsoft’s answer to Google Earth VR for MR

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