OrbusVR Reborn will be released in April 2019 and could receive Oculus Quest support

OrbusVR could appear for the upcoming Oculus Quest, as the developers announce via Twitter:

Therefore one is definitely interested in a port for the new VR platform, but you can not publish exact information yet. Whether the VR-MMO appears for the Quest glasses, depends probably heavily on the resulting costs and the associated effort.

That developer studio Orbus Online plans a rework of VR-MMORPG OrbusVR in the form of a free expansion, has been known for some time. Originally the release of OrbusVR Reborn was announced for the Q1 2019, now there is news from the Devs. Accordingly, the new edition officially in April 2019 appear. Over the next few months, there will also be two beta test runs during which players will be able to try out the upcoming version and distribute feedback.

OrbusVR Reborn – VR expansion available from April 2019

OrbusVR Reborn makes a complete revision of the original title and brings many new content in the online world. Thus, the entire game environment is overhauled and also the history of VR-MMORPG is rewritten. A time jump of 20 years takes place, which leaves its mark in the digital country. As a result, old areas are completely changed and equipped with new NPC’s, quests and opponents.

The types of enemies and the behavior of the monsters undergo a complete change. So there are new adversaries in the world who, thanks to new AI, also act much smarter. Additional areas and also world bosses, dungeons and raids provide further fresh wind and additional challenges.

OrbusVR Reborn expansion

More professional, crafting and combat options ensure more complex gameplay, and the new playable classes Paladin, Shaman, Bard and Rogue add variety. For more community activities, there are kite racing, airship adventures and world events. Also, the PvP is not neglected, which is why there are changes for World PvP and battlefields.

OrbusVR Reborn – Two beta test phases announced

Developer studio Orbus Online builds for the revamp on his community and therefore collects a lot of feedback to the implementation of player needs. Before the official release, therefore, two beta test phases are offered, in which the players can put the new expansion through their paces.

The final beta tests will take place from 22 to 25 February and 25 March to 8 April.

OrbusVR Reborn will officially appear as a free extension to the original title in April 2019 for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Steam and in the Oculus Store. OrbusVR is required to play the expansion and beats with 39.99 euros to book.

OrbusVR Reborn will be released in April 2019 and could receive Oculus Quest support

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