OpenXR is a standard that should simplify development for different XR platforms. The software sits between engine, platform and headset and should ensure that every software on every XR headset works without adaptation. At least in theory.

OpenXR 1.0 released

OpenXR has been in development since April 2017 and many major VR and AR vendors support the project. Today, the Khronos Group, which leads the development of the standard, announces the release of version 1.0, which should be fully backward compatible.

However, even though OpenXR might in some cases make porting superfluous, this does not mean that in the future all VR games will run on all platforms. Exclusive titles will therefore remain exclusive if there are certain deals between the platforms and the studios.

XR-Industry Support

OpenXR 1.0 is now available for free on GitHub. Microsoft already offers support for Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens, and Unreal Engine will soon support version 1.0. Oculus, Unity, HTC, Valve and many more companies want to support OpenXR in the future, but currently the time is not set.

OpenXR 1.0 released

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