Sometimes the best way to find out what a company is working on is just to look at job openings. If the project is large enough, then more staff are required — or those who have certain skills and experience — to make it work. And it seems that this refers to Facebook, which paid quite a lot of attention to the Oculus Quest headset.

So, most recently, Facebook was looking for a software engineer, with skills that reveal the company’s interest in expanding its business platform. As stated in the vacancy, the specialist should be able to work with technologies of augmented and mixed reality, as well as prepare a new device for release, the release date of which falls in 2019.

The duties of the applicant include:

  • Design and development of corporate functions for Oculus mobile VR applications
  • Design and development of VR-frameworks for corporate use cases, such as corporate training
  • Security and privacy remain a top priority.

More official details are likely to be presented at the Facebook (F8) developer conference at the end of April, when Oculus Quest will most likely be launched on a massive market.

As further details become available, VRcue will continue to keep you updated.

Oculus Quest will present the business version of Oculus Go in 2019

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