The release of the Oculus Quest is getting closer and at the same time more and more development studios publish their VR titles for the upcoming self-sufficient VR glasses. So recently a whole sweep of new games was revealed. These include I Expect You To Die, VRChat, Apex Construct, Rec Room, Vacation Simulator and Creed: Rise to Glory.

Oculus Quest – Numerous new VR titles released for upcoming VR glasses

A new momentum VR games has been released for the much anticipated Oculus Quest. For example, Oculus announced some VR titles in a new content trailer, and the developer studios also tapped their fingers on Twitter to share their releases with the VR community.

Within the lineup, Oculus announces that the VR boxing simulation Creed: Rise to Glory and the upcoming comic vacation simulator Vacation Simulator will be featured on the quest. At the same time announced development studio Schell Games the release of I Expect You To Die:

Agents on the Oculus Quest- your mission awaits! #Oculus

– I Expect You To Die (@ieytd) March 27, 2019

And also VRChat should appear in the spring of 2019:

We’ve got a huge announcement. #VRChat is coming Spring 2019 to Oculus Quest! @OculusGaming #oculusquest

– VRChat (@VRChat) March 27, 2019

Similarly, Fast Travel Games volunteered to announce Apex Construct:

Our award-winning, single player action / adventure @ApexConstructVR is coming to @Oculus Quest! More details to follow in the near future … #OculusQuest #ApexConstruct #VR

– Fast Travel Games (@fasttravelgames) March 27, 2019

Even the popular social VR platform Rec Room now officially confirms the leap to the self-sufficient VR glasses:

We’re excited to announce that Rec Room will be coming to the @oculus Quest this Spring! We cant wait to welcome all the new players to the community! 🥰 #RecRoom #OculusQuest

– Rec Room (@recroom) March 27, 2019

Oculus Quest – The confirmed startup titles of VR glasses

With all these announcements you can quickly lose track of things. Here we have summarized all publications for the Oculus Quest:

Oculus Quest – Announced Publications for 2019

Oculus Quest: Apex Construct, Rec Room and more confirmed; Overview of all VR titles

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