Oculus is currently working on new Enterprise editions of the two VR eyewear Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, as a recent job advertisement announced. While the Quest glasses in the normal version will appear only in the spring of 2019, the Oculus Go is already a business bundle for companies available. The Enterprise versions will appear in 2019.

Oculus Go and Oculus Quest – Enterprise Edition to be released in 2019

In a recent publicity competition, Oculus is looking for a software developer for the AR / VR Enterprise team to provide enterprise AR and VR platforms. Specifically, the goal of publishing an enterprise edition of the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest in 2019 is described. This is to create a technology “that makes VR and AR ubiquitous and universal.”

Oculus Go

An Oculus spokesman confirmed to Variety that the products are being developed as part of the company’s business offerings.

Within the requirement profile to the job seekers one can read out some possible features of the new versions of the VR glasses. Accordingly, it is the task of the devs to develop enterprise features for apps and mobile VR systems, as well as VR frameworks for practical applications in companies, such as VR training. Security measures for data protection are explicitly highlighted. Likewise, we want to work with external developers for future projects.

Thus, Oculus enters into direct competition with HTC around the business segment. HTC recently announced its Vive Focus Plus with 6DoF controllers, which is also suitable for enterprise use.

More information about the new editions of the VR glasses could expect us at the upcoming GDC 2019 in March or at the latest at the developer conference F8 2019 from Facebook in late April or early May.

Oculus Go & Oculus Quest: Enterprise Edition to be released in 2019

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