The annual Oculus Connect event has always been a chance for the company to showcase its latest technology and a host of new and upcoming video games.

Last year, for example, there was an official presentation of Oculus Quest, while games such as Lone Echo II appeared there. Now Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) will take place in September and, most likely, it will be filled with augmented reality.

This was already a great year for Oculus with the launch of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S last month. Both of them were central to the Facebook Developer Conference (F8) in April, which may well mean that OC6 will not spend much time on the hardware component this year.

On the OC6 website, the details at this stage are quite scarce, and the event returns to the San Jose McEnery Conference Center on September 25-26, 2019. In a short passage it is noted:

“The future we all aspire to begins here. It is our moment to think more, build smarter, and realize the true potential of what we have created together. This year, we hope that you will join us to begin a new chapter of virtual and augmented reality. ”

The last part of the statement is most intriguing. While Facebook’s parent company has been involved in AR for some time, Oculus usually remains on its routes in VR. So maybe this year we will start to see how Oculus officially enters the AR field with some kind of new kit? Maybe a more consumer-oriented contender HoloLens or Magic Leap? Who knows, but you can quite accurately say that there will be a lot of video games.

Only three months, and we can see what Oculus has prepared for us. Major favorites, such as CEO of Technology (CTO) John Carmack and Chief Researcher Michael Abrasch, technical deep immersion in the development of R & D, will undoubtedly appear because they have become highlights of previous events. And expect new faces after the change of leadership in May, when Eric Zeng takes the place of Hugo Barra at the helm of the Oculus.

As more information is received about OC6, including registration, VRcue will notify you as soon as possible.

Oculus Connect 6 will be held in September 2019

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