Although there is no official solution from Oculus to play PC content on the Oculus Quest, there are already some programs that still allow it. For example, via ALVR or Virtual Desktop the content can be transmitted via a router, but Oculus does not like this procedure and now asks the developer of Virtual Desktop to remove the function from the app.

Oculus calls for cancellation of SteamVR streaming from Virtual Desktop for Oculus Quest

Although the tools mentioned offer no experience that can actually compete with a PC VR glasses, but it is a nice gimmick yet and possibly an alternative for people who do not want or can buy extra glasses for the PC. With ALVR Oculus has little influence, since it does not exist the application in the Store, but must be installed via the developer mode. The situation is different with Virtual Desktop, because this tool is offered directly in the store of Oculus and Oculus can determine for itself which contents are available in the store. Godin, the developer of Virtual Desktop, writes the following about the current situation:

“Hey guys, I’m sorry to announce that, but Oculus does not want the SteamVR streaming feature to be offered in his store. I have been developing in VR for more than 5 years and as some of you may know, I like experimenting with the technique. I see the possibility of streaming VR content from a PC as a very cool idea. I thought it would be the perfect complement to my app as it already gives you access to your computer. Like a nice bonus feature. I’ve been working on it for months, striving to improve functionality as I’ve received your feedback in the last few days, but according to Oculus, that’s a pity on the quest. “(Free translation)

Godin is currently thinking about offering an app for streaming outside the Oculus store. Whether he makes friends with Oculus, however, is more likely to be ruled out.

To install applications like ALVR, you need a developer account at Oculus. Then you turn on the smartphone (in the Oculus app) the VR glasses on the developer mode and connects them to the PC. Now you just have to install the desired APK via ADB or SideQuest on the quest.

Oculus calls for cancellation of SteamVR streaming from Virtual Desktop for Oculus Quest

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