Nvidia recently announced the expansion of its proprietary RTX servers at the GTC 2019 (GPU Technology Conference). The new hardware structure and the associated expansion of cloud computing capabilities should make it possible to use GeForce Now to stream AR and VR content in 4K at 90 Hz in the future.

Nvidia – GeForce Now will enable AR and VR streaming in the future

GeForce Now is expected to enable latency-free streaming of AR and VR content in 4K at 90 Hz, thanks to NVIDIA’s new RTX servers. Thus, according to responsible persons, AR and VR should become Cloud Reality. The new servers will render the games and apps regardless of the device used at the performance level of a GeForce RTX 2080. Thus even lower performance computers could use PC VR glasses.

NVIDIA RTX Server | Image courtesy: NVIDIA

A corresponding demo was demonstrated at the GTC. In partnership with AT & T and Ericsson, those in charge are continuing to develop the NVIDIA CloudVR software. In test phases, 5G streaming will enable lossless playing with a latency of five milliseconds in interactive VR experiences.

The entire keynote at the GTC 2019 is here (from 49:09 starts the talk on the cloud gaming system)

The current beta version of GeForce Now software allows you to stream more than 400 games on Windows PCs, Macs or Nvidia Shield tablets. To use the streaming software, it is currently required to have at least 15 Mbps Internet transfer speed for 720p at 60 FPS or 25 Mbps for 1080p at 60 FPS and a 5 GHz wireless router.

When the new streaming technology officially becomes available, is still unclear.

The streaming of computer games, and the associated elimination of their own expensive gaming PC, is currently considered a comfortable future solution for the games market. Google presented yesterday at the GDC 2019 its new game streaming platform Stadia, which allows to play games through the Chrome browser.

Stadia Google cloud gaming

Stadia logo | Image Courtesy: Google

Thus, the meanwhile large games and associated updates are stored on the servers, whereby the players can start the games offered in 4K with stable 60 FPS by pressing a button. Support for AR or VR software, however, was left out of the presentation.

Nvidia: GeForce Now will enable AR and VR streaming in the future

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