With the Nintendo Labo VR set, owners of the convertible game console will be able to immerse themselves in VR-like experiences from April on thanks to various Cardboard craft kits. Although the switch can not provide a full VR experience due to some limitations, the responsible developers are demonstrating a great deal of skill to creatively develop workarounds. This includes the simulation of a 6DoF controller in the Toy-Con Elephant set.

Nintendo Switch VR Set – Nintendo’s creative simulation of a 6DoF controller

Most recently, VR experience has been announced for the six different Cardboard VR packages in the Nintendo Switch Labo VR Set. With the offer the developers provide an insight into numerous VR genres and prove unusual approaches in the implementation.

But just the set Toy-Con elephant stands out from the crowd, because with the animal-inspired craft package, the developers deal creatively with the problem of missing positional tracking the console.

The design of the kit secures the controllers into two wells of the trunk-like construction. Inside the right controller is an infrared camera installed pointing towards the VR glasses held on the face. On the back of the cardboard set large white dots are attached, which serve as “motion sensors”.

Image courtesy: Nintendo

The movements of the user, the controller recognizes together with camera, the distance between the current position and the white dots. In addition, both controllers have inertial measurement units that capture motion data. Since the position of the input devices is firmly in the trunk, the position of the entire construct can be determined and calculated using inverse kinematics.

Although the input devices can actually capture only two dimensionally, in the supplied VR experience thereby the forward and backward movements in the space are recognized and a 6DoF-Tracking simulated. In this way, the 3D tool is enabled to draw virtual objects and manipulate them in the environment.

The Nintendo Labo VR set will be available from April 12th. The pre-orders have already been opened. The expansion packs Camera + Elephant and Bird + Wind Pedal must be purchased separately.

Nintendo Switch VR Set: Creative simulation of a 6DoF controller

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