The kit includes a starter + blaster that provides an action-immersive immersion into the game. Virtually fun can also be upgraded with special accessories that can be purchased separately. Or, if you want to get a wider experience right away, you can purchase the complete Nintendo Labo VR kit, which includes six VR Toy-Con projects in one bundle.

The new kit continues the previous line of cardboard-based toys called Nintendo’s Labo with a VR headset, blaster and other items that can be used to enhance the console experience. Yes, this is not a virtual experience of high quality, but it can still provide an exciting journey for both children and their parents.

The kit will go on sale April 12. The basic starter kit costs $ 40 with extensions available separately. The complete kit has a suggested retail price of around $ 80.

Cardboard VR headsets have a long history. This is not a high-quality experience, but it is very affordable. And VRcue would be very curious to see how the new product from Nintendo works in real conditions.

Nintendo Launches Labo VR Kit for Switch

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