The Nintendo Labo: VR Set for Nintendo Switch transforms the game console into VR glasses thanks to Cardboard, allowing you to experience VR-like experiences. Now the company publishes first insights into the coming content for the various craft packages. In addition, the pre-orders were opened.

Nintendo Labo: VR Set for Nintendo Switch – First Content Released

For a long time there was speculation about possible VR support for the Nintendo Switch, at the beginning of the month Nintendo announced the release of the Cardboard VR packages for the game console. A total of six different sets of glasses in different shapes will appear on the market from April 12, 2019 onwards. Now the company releases the content for the upcoming VR sets.

The structure of the Cardboard sets is accompanied by interactive instruction software. Each package is compatible with its own VR mini-games.

The various offers include:

  • The Toy-Con Blaster by firing at colorful aliens in Wave Shooter style or feeding hippos in multiplayer mode with virtual fruits.
  • In the Toy-Con wind pedal, you let a frog jump by foot pressure and avoid obstacles with your head to lift you further into the air.
  • The Toy-Con bird will also take you to lofty heights and let you fly through the skies by pressure on the eyewear design. You collect fruits and bring them to your young bird companion. The second experience lets you fly in a combination of wind pedal and bird through a rapid obstacle parkour.
  • The Toy-Con Elephant serves as a kind of creative 3D tool to draw and manipulate virtual objects in the environment. Various tools allow you to create diverse works of art. You can also create and solve 3D puzzles and puzzles yourself.
  • The Toy-Con camera lets you shoot virtual photos in different environments. For example, you dive into an underwater world or a monster house and meet certain challenges.
  • In addition, the VR Plaza includes 64 mini-games from many genres and allows you to develop your own experiences and environments in a simplistic way thanks to Toy-Con Garage.

Although the switch can not provide a full VR experience due to the display limitations and lack of positional tracking, the creators’ creative approach still promises fun gaming sessions with the packages.

The Nintendo Labo: VR set is now available in the basic package with Blaster for 39.99 euros pre-order. The extension package camera + elephant and bird + wind pedal must be purchased separately. Delivery is scheduled for April 12, 2019.

Nintendo Labo VR Set: Content released for the Nintendo Switch; Pre-orders can be …

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