The Nintendo Labo: VR set will be released worldwide this weekend on April 12 to turn the Nintendo Switch into a VR goggle with craft kits, cardboard goggles and a creative approach. A cooperation with the US company Best Buy ensures the demonstration of the new craft packages and related demos in the shops in USA and Canada.

Nintendo Labo VR – Best Buy launches demo versions on April 14th

A collaboration between Nintendo and Best Buy will see the launch of the new VR sets for the Switch at many of the company’s stores in the US and Canada. So the Cardboard packages can be tested with an accompanying game console on April 14 between 10.30 and 14.30 clock at various locations. Convinced customers are allowed to strike directly and take a VR request set home with them. Whether similar demo stations will be demonstrated in Europe is not yet known.

Additional demos will be showcased in stores in Canada on additional dates. A detailed list of all participating stores can be found here.

The various Nintendo Labo: VR sets officially appear on April 12 in six different variants. Depending on the package, various VR experiences are available. These include the blaster, wind pedal, bird, elephant and camera sets. In addition, the VR Plaza with 64 different mini-games from various genres is offered as well as the Toy-Con Garage, in which own VR experiences and environments can be developed in a simplified way.

Nintendo switch VR set-Zelda-breath-of-the-wild-super-mario-odyssey-vr-support

In addition, VR support for the two successful titles The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey has already been announced. Thus, the VR packages are not only aimed at children, but also older fans get their money’s worth with the sets.

The basic package with Blaster is already pre-orderable for 39.99 euros. The expansion packs must be purchased separately.

Nintendo Labo VR: Demo versions available in American Best Buy stores

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