Games have long been a junction of music, high technology and the dreams of all who have ever touched the world of interactive entertainment. Music Game Fest opens the doors of Arbat Hall to give the best music to everyone who has already become part of virtual worlds or is just getting ready to become their pioneers! Whether you are a veteran of battles on a local network, still having time to catch old computer clubs, a representative of a new generation of gamers with thousands of played hours on Steam or just a fan of good electronic and rock music, this festival will not leave anyone indifferent!

On Saturday, March 30, the Arbat Hall playground will be divided into several gaming, entertainment and concert zones, which will become a haven of geeks, gamers, fans of horror genre and rock music of all stripes all day long. The main music and gaming festival of spring was timed to the 20th anniversary of the cult game series Silent Hill and was marked by the arrival of the main composer of the franchise, Akira Yamaoka.

In the afternoon, you will find the “Game” component of our event: the final of the CS: GO tournament, the qualifying stages of which will be held online, the full PUBG tournament with teams of 2 people, the Mortal Kombat X fan tournament, and the VR Sunshine VR-horror tournament. Among other activities: The battles in the legendary KII Magic: The Gathering, board games, a cosplay contest, Soviet slot machines, as well as the highlight of the program is a stream performance of the Silent Hill passage with the participation of famous bloggers.

In the evening after 18:00 the turn of “Music” will come, on the main stage with a concert will be representatives of electronics and rock scenes from around the world. Dance floor will light: We Butter the Bread with Butter in the Paul & One duet with an exclusive DJ set, the fast-growing youth group Wildways, whose hot videos have been ripping YouTube for years, the exclusive debut of the musical project Raindigo, and of course, the legendary soundtrack author Silent Hill game series, headlining the festival – Akira Yamaoka!

Festival program:

12:00 – opening doors, start MGF CS: GO FINAL

13:00 – the beginning of the tournament PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

13:00 – start of the Arizona Sunshine tournament

15:00 – the beginning of the tournament Mortal Kombat X

16:00 – Silent Hill streaming

18.20 – RAINDIGO

19.00 – WILDWAYS


22.00 – Paul & One (WBTBWB) DJ Team

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VENUE: Arbat-Hall Club ADDRESS: ul. Novy Arbat, 21

See you at the festival with VRcue!

Music Game Fest will open its doors on March 30

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