Mozilla announces Firefox Reality browser for VR and AR headsets

Mozilla talked about Firefox Reality, a new browser designed from scratch specifically for stand-alone virtual and augmented reality headsets. This is an open source cross-platform development.

We’re excited to introduce a sneak preview of @Firefox Reality – headset we can find! Check it out, and follow the UX, UI, and standards on these new devices.

The company published a demo video of the browser with the helmet HTC Vive Focus, but when the public release will take place – did not specify.

A different reality browser

Mixed reality is so far uncharted territory on its own, and Mozilla is taking the first steps in combining web and VR technologies. In October 2017, the company published the WebXR API project, designed to expand the territory of web development, and now presents Firefox Reality – a tool for users that relies on well-developed techniques:

  • open source;
  • cross-platform;
  • speed;
  • attention to privacy settings and personal data protection.

The browser is based on the existing Firefox, supplemented by experimental web technology Servo. The Mozilla Mixed Reality team promised to share details about the project within a few weeks.

Firefox Reality
Firefox Reality

Mozilla announces Firefox Reality browser for VR and AR headsets

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