At this year’s MWC 2019, Microsoft presented its new AR glasses HoloLens 2, which will appear on the market with some improvements and improvements to its predecessor later this year. Both in terms of price and technology, the AR terminal is mainly aimed at companies and business customers. When AR technology will also be available to private customers at an affordable price, it is still in the stars. According to Greg Sullivan, Director of Communication of the Microsoft Mixed Reality team, it will take years for AR technology to reach the end consumer market.

Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan on end-consumer AR: “The road to end-user market has to be measured in years”

Greg Sullivan commented on demand from Upload VR on the issue of AR for consumers and end consumers. According to the PR expert, HoloLens 2 is aimed exclusively at the business segment and will continue to be used in this area in the future. Accordingly, it will take years before AR eyewear for the consumer market will appear:

“The way we think about it, […] is that the way to the consumer market will probably have to be measured in years. By and large, Mixed Reality is, in our view, at least to a degree, the future for interaction models. We think it is incredibly valuable to free the digital world from the flat screens it has been captive for decades and bring it into the real world with us. “

Upon request, if a follow-up model of HoloLens could be developed in the near future that could be offered at a more affordable price, the Microsoft spokesman was unable to provide any announcements about possible products.

Further, the American journalist hooked up on the gaming features of the first HoloLens, which are potentially interesting for end users. In response to the implementation of these features in the previous model, Sullivan cited a lack of specialization and clear market direction in the past:

“We sometimes did not know exactly where the highest return on investment and actual value would be for this device. But at the same time, it’s just as right that the middleware, tools, and digital content development expertise are mostly in the game industry. “

Until we are allowed to use a cheap AR glasses for home and leisure operations in their own home, will drag a few years into the country.

Microsoft on the future of AR: End-user market will take years

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