In collaboration with the Strabag company, our developers have created a new experience for VR nerds that did not exist before. Equipped with a replica jackhammer, it goes to the moon, where you have to dig with a second person on the tablet for gold.

Jackhammer Jam

A jackhammer is heavy, loud and can do quite a bit of damage. To avoid these problems, we send the participants of the Jackhammer Jam to the moon. A small drone helps our astronauts track down the gold beneath the surface. However, the drone is not a clever robot, but it is controlled by a second person on the tablet. Teamwork is therefore crucial if you want to lead the official ranking in Jackhammer Jam.

Source: Strabag

Even if the Jackhammer Jam does not simulate the daily routine in road construction, it can open people for the subject and playfully bring this up. The replica jackhammer and the vibrators on the arms and torso create an incredible immersion and eye-catcher for every exhibition.

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Jackhammer Jam: Strabag and VR nerds send you to the moon

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