Once again this year we can look forward to a nomination at the nextReality Contest. Our VR application Jackhammer Jam, which was developed in cooperation with Strabag, has made it into the final selection in the field of “Interactive Buisness”.

Jackhammer Jam nominated at the nextReality Contest

In the Jackhammer Jam, players have to use a jackhammer to look for the moon and hidden treasures there. The searchers are supported by a second person who uses a tablet to control a drone that makes the buried gold visible. Communication is essential at the Jackhammer Jam, and good teamwork is the only way to reach highscore tables. In addition to the trackable pneumatic hammer and the tablet, users are also provided with various feedback systems to round off the illusion. Whether we will receive the coveted prize this year will be decided on 06.11.2019 in the Astor Film Lounge in Hamburg.

But the VRHQ has two reasons to celebrate: our friends of SpiceVR are also nominated and compete in the category “Interactive Entertainment” with their project The Gate. We keep our fingers crossed!

If you also want to implement an exciting project with AR or VR technology, feel free to contact us. An overview of our current projects can be found here.

Jackhammer Jam nominated at the nextReality Contest

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