Ingress Prime – everything you need to know

Ingress Prime is out – it’s time to return to the first popular AR-game.

Before Niantic exploded the world with the popular game Pokemon GO, he created Ingress – an incredibly ambitious game.

Ingress was the first game with geolocation and revolutionary mechanics. As soon as you began your journey, you learned that exotic matter of unknown origin penetrates into our world — and you just need the right tools to see it and use this power.

C 2012 (year of Ingress), the game has been downloaded by millions of users. Some of these agents have become the core of an active community that has supported and developed Ingress for many years.

In 2018, the developer released a rebirth of the project – Ingress Prime (Ingress 2.0). We received a significant update of the visual component, the addition of new game mechanics based on Google’s ARCore, a redesign of the user interface, and much more. Hopefully, this will breathe new life into the game, bring old agents back to it and attract new ones.

What’s new in Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

“Ingress Prime is built on the Niantic Real World Platform platform.” This platform is a key factor in gameplay and technology innovation in all Niantic products, ”said John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic. “Since the initial release of Ingress in November 2012, an incredibly active and passionate community of agents has constantly inspired us to create new and innovative mechanics of player interaction in the game and in the real world.”

In addition, Niantic has published an extensive press release, which contains all the changes Ingress Prime. Below you can see the key points of Igress Prime:

  • Agents will be able to participate in a completely new interactive story that will evolve and change depending on how the agents interact with each other – and also be based on the Anomalies – game events in the real world.
  • Anomalies will play a huge role in Ingress Prime – even bigger than in Ingress 1.0
  • Niantic plans for Ingress Prime 12 large-scale “Primary” Anomalies (three times a quarter in Asia, Europe and the Americas). In addition, more than 100 more local “Satellite” events are waiting for us.
  • New Events Ingress Prime will begin on November 17 in major cities around the world, including Barcelona, ​​Austin and Hong Kong. A full list of events can be found on the official website.
  • New interactive center for storyline off-line
  • The new series Ingress, “The Dunraven Project”, serves as the starting point for combining the storyline and the agents’ achievements in the game.
  • Two factions, the “Enlightened” and “Resistance” are the basis of the plot. In Ingress Prime, they appear in a different way – as two functional objects of artificial intelligence with which Ingress agents and potential agents can interact.

How to start playing Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Starting to play Ingress Prime is easy – and it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced agent (there is an Ingress account) or just starting your journey. However, Ingress Prime is very different about the variety of casual mobile games – here you need to be ready to move a lot and explore your city, as well as hack and attack enemy portals.

If you previously played Pokemon GO, then you should have no problem understanding the mechanics of the game – in fact, almost the entire base of pokestop and hyms was originally taken from the game Ingress.

To get started is to download the game Ingress Prime – after that you will need to create an account and link it to a Google account.

After mastering the basic game mechanics (Ingress Prime has built-in training), you will need to contact local agents to coordinate your joint actions. Here, this game aspect is even more important than in Pokemon GO. Fortunately, it is much easier to do this – there is a chat in the game (both fractional and general). You can specify a specific radius (in kilometers) within which you will see messages from other agents.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the game concepts of Ingress – they will help you to master the world of the game.

Basic Concepts (Glissarium) Ingress Prime

The basic concepts of Ingress Prime are removed under the cat for convenience:

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Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime does not work (Ingress Prime errors)

Unfortunately, as often happens with the release of global updates, with them often comes a lot of bugs, errors and problems. The developer has already received several hundred errors from the community – and the list continues to grow. They will be eliminated in the next updates.

In this list we will try to collect those bugs that you can try to fix yourself.

Ingress Prime does not work, does not load data from the old account

In order for all the data from the old Ingress account to be loaded into Ingress Prime, you just need to log into Ingress Prime with the Google account with which you played before. However, unfortunately, this is not always the case – sometimes the error “Error loading Ingress account data” occurs (“Error loading the Ingress account data”).

You need to delete the cache and application data – and try to enter the game again. If it doesn’t work, you should write to the developer or wait until the next version is released and try again.

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

“No account found” when attempting to login to Ingress Prime

There is a problem when you enter the error “No account found” when entering Ingress Prime or create a new account and progress from the old one is not loaded. This can happen if your Ingress account was created using a Google account (other than Gmail), which was then converted to a Google account. Do not worry – your account is in place and all your progress is saved. Developers will soon solve this problem.

If you have another error – write in the comments or the developer – we will understand.

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What’s new in Ingress Prime

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Photos and Pictures Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime - everything you need to know

Ingress Prime – everything you need to know

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