Red and blue swords are yesterday. Fortunately, Beat Saber will soon let you choose any other color in the rainbow spectrum and beyond.

Beat Games developer confirmed yesterday that he is working on a custom color choice for the game. If you believe the tweet below, you can change both the tags and the corresponding swords. You can also change the color of the walls. The spectrum seems to be quite extensive, with RGB settings and a color wheel for fine tuning.

“We are working on what you all wanted for a very long time!

Choose the color you like

We will release this functionality with the next update. “

Some of Beat Saber’s complementary songs are already changing colors themselves. But it will be great to let players choose their own preferences for each level. Custom color choices will arrive along with the next update, but so far there is no word on when this will happen. Apparently, the new functionality will be immediately available on PC VR and for Oculus Quest.

This is not all that is currently on its way to Saber. Along with the third DLC bundle, we are also waiting for 360-degree levels for the quest. They could already be tried in action on E3, where they showed themselves extremely positively. Beat Games also recently released a new batch of free songs for their game.

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