HTC releases the launch and price of the new Vive Focus Plus in North America. According to the self-sufficient VR glasses on April 15 for $ 799 appear on the market. Included in the price are two 6DoF controllers.

HTC Vive Focus Plus – Stand-alone VR glasses available in North America from April 15 for $ 799

With the Vive Focus Plus HTC brings a new edition of the Vive Focus on the market and thus targets mainly on the business segment. In contrast to the predecessor, the self-sufficient VR glasses have 6DoF tracking and rely on ultrasonic technology for position detection. New Fresnel lenses should also produce a sharper image and in terms of comfort, a better feel for longer application sessions care. Otherwise technically relatively little has done in comparison to the conventional Vive Focus variant. A Qualcomm Snapdrago 835 processor serves as the heart of the hardware.

Software-technically, the VR terminal provides access to a Vive Enterprise platform that provides secure account setup. In addition, there is a kiosk mode to allow limited access to the VR content in a clear user interface. This should be provided in practice by a customized UI simplified access to the appropriate apps in the desired situations. The Viveport Infinity subscription also makes special VR applications available in the Viveport.

Now both the sales start and price of the new VR glasses have been announced. With $ 799, the new VR glasses with two enclosed controllers to Book. In comparison: The self-sufficient Oculus Quest should cost 499 euros and also appear later as a business version.

What further benefits the new Vive Focus Plus for business customers should have, is currently not apparent. HTC promises on its own website “a professional, mobile VR solution that is easy to integrate and manage. “

The launch will start April 15 in North America for $ 799.

HTC Vive Focus Plus: Sales start on April 15 for $ 799

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