For quite some time there are various instructions on the Internet, how to equip the HTC Vive or the HTC Vive Pro with lenses of the Samsung Gear VR. The modders are hoping for a bigger sweet spot and less God Rays. We only modified our HTC Vive Pro because the lenses were scratched, but we are positively surprised by the improvement.

HTC Vive and Vive Pro with Samsung Gear VR lenses

To equip the HTC Vive with lenses of the Samsung Gear VR, you need a 3D print for holding the lenses, a small screwdriver and a knife.

First you screw your way through the front of the Samsung Gear VR and remove all screws until you reach the lens holder. Here you press in 3 notches on each side and thus releases the glasses from the socket.

Remove Samsung Gear VR lenses

These glasses are now in your 3D printing.

3D lens printing VR

Now you go with a thin knife to the lenses of the HTC Vive. Simply insert the knife between the holder and the lens, pry out the lens and insert the lenses of the Samsung Gear VR including the printed holder. No force needs to be applied during this process. The lenses are only inserted and then hold.

Remove Vive Pro lensWhen you’ve exchanged the lenses, you’re almost there. Now you just have to adjust the curvature of the image to the lenses.

First, you get the right config file for the Vive or the Vive Pro.

  1. Plug in Vive or Vive Pro and start Steam
  2. Open: C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common SteamVR tools lighthouse bin win32
  3. Start: lighthouse_console.exe
  4. Download the current configuration with the command: “downloadconfig config.json”
  5. The file is saved in the current directory. Copy it as “config_new.json” and in the new file replace the section under “tracking_to_eye_transform” with the new configurations. The original file will be canceled if you want to switch back.
  6. Upload a new configuration with the “lighthouse_console.exe” with the command: “uploadconfig config_new.json”
  7. Restart SteamVR and check the result

Impression after the exchange

If you switch between the conventional and the modified Vive Pro, you notice immediately that the sweet spot is now much larger and the image stays sharp even to the edges. In addition, less light reflections are seen, which makes the picture clearer.

When correcting the curvature, we have come to a good result, but it is still not 100% perfect. However, this is only noticeable if you pay attention to the lines on the ground while turning in the empty SteamVR scene.

The field of view is slightly smaller after the modification, but the larger sweet spot makes sure that this minimal difference does not matter. In addition, the new lenses are slightly further out, which could possibly pose a problem for people with visual aids.

Although we had to replace the lenses of the HTC Vive Pro anyway, but the modified version feels after more than one repair. The end result is actually an upgrade, which we may also apply to our working glasses.

HTC Vive and Vive Pro with Samsung Gear VR lenses

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