The release of the device still falls on the 3rd quarter of 2019.

When it comes to the details regarding the latest consumer headset from HTC Vive, the Vive Cosmos, the company definitely didn’t give much information about it. While the announcement was one of the biggest news stories that happened at CES 2019, since then it has only been reported that the device’s release falls in the third quarter of 2019. Now it seems that HTC Vive has begun to sharpen the interest of developers in the headset in order to provide it with content at the time of launch.

On the Vive developer portal, the company created a “getting started with Vive Cosmos Development” guide to help studios either right now or with the release of the device immediately set up their software for it. Vive Cosmos will be fully backward compatible with current SteamVR video games, but there are areas that developers can update if they want, ensuring that their games maximize the potential of Vive Cosmos.

To make sure that the content looks and feels awesome on the device, the Vive team states that it will “devote the next 2 months to comprehensive testing.

“In this way, developers can better prepare for release.” For consumers, two months means that a possible release may occur in August (at Gamescom?) Or, rather, in September, bringing the release date to the holiday sales season. ”

While this is good news for developers, as it will mean another selling platform, details regarding the actual Vive Cosmos specification have not yet been confirmed, such as resolution and FOV. It is known that the Vive Cosmos will be a fixed headset with integrated tracking, 6DoF controllers and a flip front. It will look more like an Oculus Rift S competitor than an Oculus Quest competitor, the HTC Vive has for this Focus Vive.

It was also shown that the Vive Cosmos will receive a wireless adapter, although it is currently unknown whether this updated device will be up to the current Vive wireless adapter.

One thing is for sure, not long before the moment when the Vive Cosmos is in the hands of consumers. The only problem is, by the end of 2019, those interested in VR will be spoiled for choice. As more information becomes available, VRcue will keep you posted.

HTC sends developers Vive Cosmos to developers

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