The GDC 2019 reveals a lot of news for the VR industry. So Beat Saber becomes a startup title for the Oculus Quest and HTC opens the Viveport for Windows VR glasses. Another message from HTC promises a new lip tracking module for the HTC Vive Pro. However, the additional add-on will initially be used only experimentally for research purposes.

GDC 2019 – HTC Announces Lip Tracking Module for Vive Pro

Vinay Narayan, VP of Product and Operations at HTC Vive America, announced the release of a Lippten tracking module for HTC Vive Pro at GDC 2019. The module is designed to capture accurate lip and mouth movements to collect data for the development of various technologies.

Thus, among other things facial animations of avatars are optimized in real time or motion capture method can be improved. The collected data should also be used in various research areas, such as language and speech development. In combination with the recently introduced Vive Pro Eye tracking with Foveated Rendering, we could expect lifelike avatars with realistic facial animations in the near future.

While the technical details are still unknown, the add-on is probably attached to the bottom of the VR glasses with a camera to capture the mouth region. However, VR home users should not be able to benefit from the module for the time being. Instead, it is being introduced as a dev kit for experimental as well as research purposes. In addition to the module, an SDK will appear for face tracking.

A release date or price has not yet been announced.

HTC: Lip tracking module for Vive Pro announced

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